Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Implementing Time Management Tips by Changing your Perspective

Many times, the time management tips we hear about can require planning and time to actually implement into your daily work schedule.  There are ways around this.  Saving time in your day can be as simple as changing your perspective about your daily tasks.     

The alarm goes off and from that minute on, you are racing the clock until you are due at work.   You rush through your day trying to cram as much accomplishments into a finite amount of time until your head hits the pillow at the end of another hectic day.  Here are some tips that you can implement today to make for a better tomorrow:

Out the Door:
Designate a space by the door for a landing pad.  It can be a milk crate, basket, coat rack or a small table.  This landing pad will always be the home base for your bags, umbrellas, coats and keys to grab on your way out the door.

In the Door:
After dropping off your keys at your landing pad, remove any books, papers or lunch materials that need your attention and take them into the house and leave your bag at its landing pad by the door.  After your work is completed or lunch is packed for tomorrow, place those items back into the bags by the door.  Have a lunch that requires refrigeration?  Leave yourself a post-it note on the fridge and/or door to remind you to take it with you.  A small framed chalkboard/bulletin board works well too to give you reminders at a glimpse.

In the Car: 
Store a notepad, post-it notes and a pen in your car console.  While waiting in traffic, make a reminder or to-do list of tasks you want to accomplish today or within the week.  You can also use your smart phone’s note-taking application this will also allow you to use your calendar function to schedule these tasks with assigned due dates.
Purchase a second charging cable or portable power supply for your phone so that you are never in a position where you miss a scheduled event or an important reminder. 

On the Desk:
The surface of your desk is prime space and sacred for keeping your mind on-task.  If there are piles of paper everywhere, you are unknowingly distracted.  Additionally, the amount of space at work you can claim as your own is usually small but important to you.  Give it the respect it deserves by creating a filing system for papers to have a process coming across your desk, addressing them and then filing or sending them to their appropriate place. 

Throughout the Closet:
One of the biggest selling points of an apartment or home is the bedroom closet.  With that in mind, assume the perspective that the square footage of your closet is in high demand and can have a high price tag. Honor it by optimizing the square footage and purging your closet of under-utilized and out-of-style clothing, shoes and accessories preferably twice a year.  The advantage of doing a full clean out in January and June is that you know what clothes you wear the most and what has yet to be touched.  Live in the present and donate what is not useful to you now.  That said, when you have finished optimizing your closet space with clothing that fits you and makes you feel confident, take out your basic structural pieces.  Pull out your timeless and classic pieces such as a pair of khaki and black pants, button down shirts or and neutral shoes that go with everything.  Make sure those pieces our visible and build outfits that coordinate with them.  If you do not have enough room, assemble an idea outfit and snap a picture of it for future reference.  Doing this on a weekend will save you time during the week and eliminate that 10-15 minutes of staring into your closet wondering what to wear. 

When implemented, all these tips can return valuable minutes to your day allowing you to enjoy less stress and be more present.   

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